NEW YORK (September 18, 2018) - “At some point between childhood and work-life, women in our society begin to adjust their expectations downward in ways that men do not.”

We know it, but what are we doing about it? 

Constellation Agency, a leader in diversity marketing campaigns for the automotive industry, is helping change the narrative.  Their impactful video “Breaking Down Boundaries for Women in Business” is a powerful tool and a call to action for companies who understand that empowering women creates an environment of strength for everyone.  

Breaking Down Boundaries Video

"After spending over a quarter of a century in the corporate world, I know firsthand the systemic barriers women face in trying to get ahead, and I've made it my mission to empower women everywhere," said Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of The Elizabeth Elting Foundation. "This initiative is incredibly important because it helps both women and companies, in every industry, see how limitless our potential truly is."

Diana Lee, co-founder and CEO of Constellation was in automotive marketing for 30 years before establishing the agency.  She says, “The payoff for companies who support women can be significant.  It’s the right thing to do and it makes business sense.  We are thrilled to have the support of industry leaders who share our commitment to diversity.  Our mission now is to go further by collaborating with other companies as we expand this empowerment initiative.” 

“Facebook’s Women in Automotive program aims to promote diversity within the industry, support women in automotive careers and work together to inspire change.  We are thrilled to see organizations like Constellation Agency drive this collective mission forward, empowering women to succeed to new heights within automotive,” said Stephanie Latham, Director of U.S. Automotive at Facebook. 

“Oracle Data Cloud’s Impact program is focused on increasing multicultural gender diversity and fostering a culture that supports and advances women.  We are excited to work with the Constellation Agency and their multicultural advertising and marketing campaigns in the automotive spaces, as well as their commitment to empowering women,” said Michelle Hulst, GVP, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Oracle. 

Constellation Agency is inviting companies from automotive and other industry sectors to join them in developing video content that supports women and promotes diversity within their organizations.

Diana Lee said, “A special thank you to Liz Elting of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, Bridget Beyer of Beyer Family Automotive Group, Mary Ann Sourial of Lithia Motors, and Shari Miller of Miller Buick, GMC, for participating with us in the ‘Breaking Boundaries’ video.  We hope it will inspire others to action.”

Constellation Agency
Constellation is a woman-owned marketing technology firm in New York City specializing in digital marketing solutions and platforms.  A leader in multicultural advertising within the automotive space, Constellation is committed to diversity in its staffing and in its marketing campaigns.  Constellation is proud to be a Facebook Preferred Partner as well as an Oracle Elite Data Marketer.

Constellation Agency Launches Women’s Empowerment Initiative