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-Dr. Antonio Gotto, Jr., Dean Emeritus, Weill Cornell Medical College

"Myrna Manners is an outstanding public  relations expert who specializes in health care and crisis management....She is skillful in developing and sustaining image and interest to the public....A critical and creative thinker who excels at managing a crisis and handles pressure with poise...."

-Irma Damhuis, Communications Executive

 "I can’t say enough good things about Myrna Manners and Bryan Dotson. Their passion and commitment to excellence and service are second to none. They have an uncanny ability to translate ideas into news hooks for communication. Myrna and Bryan operate with great integrity, with expertise from managing highly sensitive issues to superb execution of special events. With their results-orientation and high level of experience in all aspects of public relations and communications, Myrna and Bryan have earned the genuine respect of journalists and clients alike." 

Myrna Manners is the former Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and the former Vice Provost of Public Affairs for Weill Cornell Medical College.  Experienced in all aspects of external relations and corporate communications, Myrna has special expertise in crisis communications and reputation management.  A strategic thinker and seasoned problem solver, Myrna’s aggressive PR campaign for establishing the NewYork-Presbyterian brand played a key role in positioning it as the top hospital in New York.  Widely recognized for her calm and unflappable demeanor, she has spearheaded special events involving U.S. Presidents, foreign heads of state, and prominent individuals from the worlds of entertainment, philanthropy, politics and sports.  Myrna has developed successful strategies related to building project approvals, community initiatives, mergers, patient care and medical research.  A past-president of the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society of Greater New York, Myrna  has been a speaker for the Public Relations Society of America, the American Association of Medical Colleges and a panelist on the PBS Fred Friendly Seminar Series.  Myrna is a native of Brooklyn and a Mets fan.  

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Bryan Dotson is the former director of media relations for  NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  With a proven track record of developing communication strategies that achieve results, Bryan’s niche is media relations and special events.  Using his extensive roster of contacts, Bryan has placed countless stories in top tier outlets, such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as all major networks, cable television and digital media.  His depth and breadth of knowledge, combined with his energy and commitment, have helped him develop compelling campaigns to promote clinical research programs, novel advances in medical technology, and patient care.  Bryan has also managed a broad range of special events, including dedication ceremonies, groundbreakings and fundraisers involving entertainers, government officials, sports figures and the general public.  Bryan is a member of the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society of Greater New York. His keen attention to detail is attributable to his background in theater production.  He was the founder and executive producer of The Bridge Theatre Company in New York City.  Bryan is a native of Kentucky and a Wildcats fan.

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