ABC News receives Christopher Award for NY Med Season I and Season II.  Myrna Manners, Terrence Wrong, Erica Baumgart and Bryan Dotson.



Enjoying Valentine's Day With or Without a Partner 

NPA NY Applauds Governor for Workers Comp Law 

Good News About Glaucoma from Lighthouse Guild

Stress, Anxiety and the Holidays

The Nurse Practitioner Association NY Celebrates 30 Years 

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Honors Ten Scientists

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's Scientific Council

Constellation Agency Certified Digital Provider for Jaguar Land Rover 

Lighthouse Guild Honors Scientists at Bressler Vision Science Symposium 

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards Young Investigator Grants 

Nurse Practitioners Bring Comprehensive, Innovative Healthcare to NY

Bob & Suzanne Wright Receive Pardes Honorary Humanitarian Prize
Lighthouse Guild Bressler Vision Science Symposium & Pisart Seminar
Buffalo and Niagara Falls GuildCare to Help Veterans with Vision Loss

​​Constellation Agency Launches Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Judge Steven Leifman Awarded 2018 Pardes Humanitarian Prize​

Back-to-School Eye Health Tips from Lighthouse Guild

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards  ​

Lighthouse Guild Offers Information for UV Safety Month

Dr. Alan Morse Editorial in Ophthalmology®

​​Lighthouse Guild National Scholarships

Constellation Agency Offers Diversity Marketing Campaigns

Lighthouse Guild Offers eLearning Course for Social Workers​

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Annual  Women's Luncheon 

Dr. Oz To Ride with Lighthouse Guild in TD Five Boro Bike Tour

​​Constellation Agency Joins Volkswagen's Dealer Digital Program

Kerry Washington Honored at Lehman College

Diabetes Alert Day at The Bronx Museum of Arts

Joshua D. Stein, MD, MS, Receives 2018 Pisart Award

2018 Bressler Prize Awarded to Botond Roska, MD, PhD

Lighthouse Guild's Tips for Low Vison Awareness Month

Alice Looney Elected President of NPA NY

-Pamela F. Gallin, MD, FACS, Director, Pediatric Ophthalmology, NY, NY

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