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Leading Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Offers Her Insight
On the Latest Trends

New York (June 7, 2016)Dr. Mia Talmor, one of New York Magazine’s Top Doctors, is available for interviews regarding all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery. A wife,                                                            mother and native New Yorker with a busy practice on                                                           the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Talmor is Board                                                         Certified in Surgery and Plastic Surgery. She received                                                            her M.D. degree from Weill Cornell Medical College                                                                 where she currently holds a faculty appointment. She                                                             has written over 30 scientific papers and 5 book                                                                     chapters on plastic and reconstructive surgery and has                                                           received prestigious grants and awards from the                                                                     American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American                                                               Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The New York                                                                 Regional Society of Plastic and Reconstructive                                                                         Surgeons, as well as from the National Institutes of Medicine.  

Dr. Talmor says, “We all want to look our best at every age. We’re constantly bombarded with information about how to tighten this, or lift that with a cream, a serum, or a surgical procedure. It’s important to carefully assess what works, what doesn’t work and what’s right for you.”

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