Dr. Edmund Kwan

Plastic Surgeon and Book Author Offers Tips on Improving Your Skin

Without Surgery or Expensive Creams

NEW YORK – Your skin is the body’s barrier against the outside world and provides a first impression about your appearance.  But, Dr. Edmund Kwan, Manhattan-based plastic surgeon and author of the new book “Let It Flow: Blood Flow Is the True Foundation of Youth” says that poor circulation can leave skin looking pallid and dull, with pigmentation, dark spots, and blotches.   What to do?

Dr. Kwan says, “Anti-aging and antioxidant creams remove and smooth skin from the outside.  They may make you feel better about your appearance, but the effects are temporary.  If you really want to get your skin glowing, go for a nice run or a bike ride.  This will enhance the blood flow to your skin and cleanse the skin from the inside.  For an added boost, eating ginger root can stimulate circulation, and ginkgo biloba is another natural supplement that can improve your circulation.” 

A graduate of Georgetown Medical School, Dr. Kwan completed his residency in general surgery and in plastic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he is currently a clinical professor of surgery.  His passion for healthy living and total body wellness has led him on a journey to teach, research and increase healthcare literacy in the United States and abroad. 

Dr. Kwan is available for interviews.  

To more information or to purchase a copy of “Let It Flow: Blood Flow Is the True Foundation of Youth” go to Amazon.com.