New York (August 11, 2016)Beauty is personal, and looking your best means something different for everyone. Some want to erase unsightly crow's feet, while others are focused on

  zapping away blemishes. Just as individual beauty goals

vary, so too can the efficacy of certain beauty treatments.

Some ingredients can be wholly effective, while others are

simply marketers’ hype. A person’s face says so much about

them, it’s no surprise the billions of dollars consumers

spend on facial products and procedures each year. Yet

determining what is effective for an individual can be a

daunting and costly task for even the savviest, beauty

consumer. Board Certified aesthetic plastic surgeon and 

New York Magazine’s 2016 pick for Top Doctor, Dr. Mia

Talmor of Talmor Cosmetics, spends extra time consulting

with her patients on how to make decisions based on

personalized goals. Dr. Talmor, who is also on Castle Connolly’s

America’s Top Doctors list, developed tips for putting your best face forward, regardless of age or skin tone.

1)  Start a healthy relationship … with your doctor:  There’s no shortage of beauty and cosmetic articles to help consumers stay informed, but consumers should use information as a tool to start a dialogue with their doctor. That way physicians can help consumers uncover the best solutions.

2)  Roll in the retinoids:  A popular and once controversial ingredient remains king of the effective, anti-aging topicals. Medical grade prescriptions are the most potent, but today’s over-the-counter cosmetics offer an array of formulas with retinoids and versions of the active Vitamin A derivative to smooth out skin, fade sun spots, and build collagen beneath the dermis. Just make sure to look for bottles with an airless pump to keep the ingredient efficacious longer.

3)  Relegate your Sun Protection Factor to ALWAYS:  Pick an SPF method that goes with your lifestyle, but regardless of your routine and whether it’s CC cream or mineral powder, make sure your skin is protected with sun block, not just when it’s sunny, but always.

4)  Get into a routine:  Regardless of your preference for skin-care, a multi-faceted approach to beauty is the only answer, and consistency is imperative for the best results. Similarly to brushing your teeth, a skincare routine should become mechanical. Routines help individuals get over the hump of switching products before they can become active and effective, which typically requires a minimum of 90 days.

5)  Aggressive anti-aging? …think prick over potion:  For reversing age-related concerns, there are helpful topical antidotes, but depending on the level of results and expectations, injectables, lasers, and of course, maxillofacial surgical procedures offer the most significant results. Under the guide of a skilled, knowledgeable physician, some of the latest dermal filler techniques can attain the visual success of surgeries like that of chin and nose augmentations.

Each individual requires a personalized consultation to determine a regimen that works with their lifestyle and anatomical makeup for the best results. It’s scientifically proven that genetics, preventive care, and environmental factors contribute to an individual’s ability to achieve a certain aesthetic, but there should be an honest dialogue between a doctor and patient to truly etch out the possibilities. Dr. Mia Talmor, a diplomat of both The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery, spent years developing a unique dialogue with patients. “My experience has taught me that, regardless, if a patient is going through a traumatic, medical experience or has come to discuss an unhappiness with his/her appearance, all patients want to be comfortable talking about it,” remarked Dr. Talmor. “I’ve made my office a safe place where patients can speak freely about their appearance without judgement.”

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Dr. Mia Talmor

General Rules from a Leading Plastic Surgeon and Beauty Expert


Putting Your Best Face Forward: Tips On What Works

From Dr. Mia Talmor