Surgeon Unlocks the Secret to Health and Youthfulness in New Book

“Let It Flow:  Blood Flow Is the True Fountain of Youth”

           How to Improve Health and Look Younger – No Surgery Required                 

New York (May 6, 2019) – The circulatory system holds the key to health and youthfulness, according to a new book by New York surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan.

“Let It Flow:  Blood Flow Is the True Foundation of Youth,” offers timely and easy to understand information on how to maintain and enhance the skin, heart, mental health, vision, hair, sexual function, muscle strength and more by taking steps to protect and promote healthy blood flow in the body.

“Blood touches everything and is involved in every aspect of life – eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising, thinking, sex, aging, appearance, and pretty much any illness, addiction, or disease.” says Dr. Kwan.  “And just like on a highway, even a tiny accident can jam up traffic or turn a four-lane highway into a one-lane road.  

Keeping our circulatory system clean – staving off blood vessel damage and maintaining a smooth blood flow – is the best chance to be healthier, look younger, and feel better. 

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kwan sees men and women who think they need surgery to look more youthful, but they really need to focus on both the internal and the external.  Fixing the facade and ignoring what is going on inside is not the answer.  His advice: “Focus on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.”

Plastic surgery can help fix the external appearance of premature aging, but to truly turn back the internal biological clock, follow biomarkers such as measuring blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, bone mineral density, and blood lipids.  The best way to improve these biomarkers is to modify lifestyle.  Dr. Kwan also suggests that people over fifty consider taking metformin, which can have a protective effect on the heart, decrease the chance of developing diabetes, and possibly lower cancer risk.  

Filled with practical tips and referencing leading medical research, “Let It Flow” is divided into six easy to read chapters:

  • Understanding Our Circulation
  • How Our Circulation Impacts the Body
  • Factors that Influence Our Circulation: Inflammation, Cholesterol, Sugar, Smoking, Processed Food, Stress
  • Diseases of Our Circulation: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Stroke, Metabolic Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer
  • Linking Aging to Our Circulation
  • Unleashing the Power of Our Circulation

Among areas covered:

  • How to avoid hardening of the arteries and plaque buildup
  • How to improve sexual function
  • What inflammation really means, and how to combat it
  • Rethinking the way we eat
  • How metformin can help stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Tips to keep the skin glowing and look younger
  • True preventive medicine

Dr. Kwan says, “The way blood flows through the body and delivers oxygen to cells and tissues is reflected in health, appearance and brain function as the years roll by.  The good news is that it is never too late to improve and restore the circulatory system to live longer and healthier. “

About the Author
Dr. Edmund Kwan was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was nine years old.  A graduate of Georgetown Medical School, he completed his residency in general surgery and in plastic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he is currently a clinical professor of surgery.  He maintains a plastic surgery practice in Manhattan and regularly volunteers on medical missions to South America and Africa.  His passion for healthy living and total body wellness has led him on a journey to teach, research and increase healthcare literacy in the United States and abroad.