Why Nurse Practitioners Are #1 on List

of Top 5 Trending Jobs in NYC for 2017

NEW YORK  (March 10, 2017)   --  The New York State Department of Labor has announced the top 5 trending jobs for New York City in 2017 and nurse practitioners top the list. https://apps.cio.ny.gov/apps/mediaContact/public/view.cfm?parm=39BF889F-5056-9076-64E940EA2127978E_623A5012-5056-9D6B-8021BBD6ACA237A9

Stephen Ferrara, executive director of The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State and associate dean of clinical affairs at Columbia University School of Nursing, points to four reasons that Nurse Practitioners are projected to see greater than average growth and above average wages in 2017.  

•    Nurse Practitioners have over a 50-year history of providing care that has been consistently effective and exceedingly high quality.
•    Nurse Practitioners are filling the void in primary care where there is a dearth of access for patients.
•    Nurse Practitioners emphasis on disease management, health promotion and health education has made them providers of choice for thousands of patients. 
•    The updating of laws and regulations at the State and Federal level that is allowing Nurse Practitioners to utilize the full scope of their education and clinical preparation in providing patient care.